Friday, November 26, 2010

The Swimsuit

So today i ate soooooo much! I was doing good until the binge.... and that was what it was... not just eating a little more than usual but mindlessly stuffing 5 muffins into my mouth.
I DIDNT PURGE! Right now im freaking out! Even though i should see it as a good thing. Im going to be so fat tomorrow. FML!

She leaps from the water. Sun glistening on her wavy wet hair. As she makes her way up the beach the sand sticks to her legs. Everyone is staring, no one can turn away. They look up with grins on their faces and burst into laughter. She's fat...

I need a new swimsuit, which of course just makes everything worse. I was looking some up before i go shopping on monday and i almost cried imagining myself in them. I look at the models and am like "omg this swimsuit is perfect" then i realise that its me that has to wear it. So in light of this situation i have decided to put up some teenie weenie bikini thinspo. Enjoy. Xo


  1. I have never worn a bikini in my life! I'm sure you'll find one that works for you. You should have done a cartoon bikini picture!!! I love your cartoons! x

  2. Ugh the dreaded swimsuit. I've never worn a bikini either. And I haven't bought myself a swimsuit ever either. Last time I got a new one my mom was still paying for all my clothes, food etc.
    My current swimsuit is an old one of my mom's that we altered to fit my considerably smaller boobs!

    I enjoy your cartoons.

  3. i like that little quote. how everyone is staring at her, like she could be sexy. then they laugh, because shes fat.

    i hate swimsuits. well, its winter now for me. so that doesnt matter now. haha.

  4. She's fat... bahaha Thats the story of me life! lmao Omfg I wanna boob punch miranda kerr she is too fkn perfect. lol I love swimsuits.. but I have massive thighs!!! FML
    xoxoxo missed you!

  5. she's fat - that's me!! i'm sure you'll look stunning in a bikini in no time x

  6. GORGEOUS thinspo...I wish I look like them. I would kill for Miranda's body! Good luck finding a swimsuit :)