Saturday, November 20, 2010

Talk to me!

Thats my new email and msn address.
Made especially for you guys to talk to me :)
If you want to add me just send a message with your request saying who you are.
I just got back from an attempt at socialising. Fun is just not happening for me today. I was at the club for an hour before i lost my friends and decided to leave. They were all drunk as hell and being idiots. Usually i like going out and dancing. Lately not.
So fast number 1 lasted 23 hours and 45 minutes. Sure i know it is weak, but its ok coz on my next fast i have to beat it. and on the fast after that ill have to beat that one. etc.
Im thinking i will go to the gym 2moro and then start fast number 2 after that.
Just wondering how long it takes you guys to shakey on a fast. coz seriously i hit 22 hours and im fucked. I spilt coffee everywhere coz i was shaking so much. (i had only had one cup before that so it was the caffeine) Is this normal? Does it go away if you just continue fasting? I want to keep going but i cant help being really scared about passing out or something.
Anyways how are you lovelies? I hope you are good. Xo


  1. That's weird, the skaking thing I didn't get that when I fasted :/ Maybe it was just coincidence and it won't happen again :).
    Take Care
    The Invisible Ninja
    (do you mind if I add you on msn?)

  2. The shaking thing is pretty weird, I only got like that after like, a little over a week.
    Don't hurt yourself, please!

  3. I get the shakey thing too! Just don't do anything too strenuous to avoid fainting! I see you're a melbourne gal too! ;)

  4. um i get shaky when i eat now so yeah ur not alone there but um i cant fast nemore but when i use to i did 7 days i didnt get shaky tillike day 5
    but just take an easy