Monday, December 13, 2010

Cherries and Whale Hunting

So i know i didnt post yesterday. Very sorry but i had to go up and stay at my parents place. Im doing fruit picking (coz its the only job i can get atm) and its closer to their house. I actually kind of regretted going so hard at the gym the day before coz i was sore all over. Then the next day i was reaching up picking cherries and climing up and down ladders all day. I go sunburnt and pretty sure sunstroke too coz my eyes went all wierd. I havnt been doing too well on the new plan the past 2 days because i basically just havnt had the time to exercise plus my parents always pack me full of food :( Its ok i am putting $30 all up away for my sinful crimes. Ive decided only to spend the monies when i get to 70kg. Then i can get some clothes :)
On a good note it has been a week without purging now. I was so tempted the other night. the parents got pizza and i hadnt eaten all day and gave in. I binged sooo badly that i should be harpooned by the japanese and made into whale sushi. But i didnt purge. Half my mind says its a good thing the other half is strongly opposed to that theory.
If i have calculated the cals correctly i shouldnt gain but ive ruined the hard work i did the day before. Well poo!
I need to do another cartoon soon. Not today coz im half dead but there will be one up maybe tomorrow or the next day. Also just letting people know that if they are doing my plan and want to change it around a bit to suit them thats fine. I made it to my needs but everyone is different. So if your are finding it too easy or hard or maybe your too poor atm you can just mix it up :)
Anyways im off to pass out. Toodle Pip!


  1. I want to do cherry picking =)

  2. Sorry I didn´t responded at your last post, I´m not doing the point diet for now, but thanks =)
    Cherry picking sounds like fun!
    It´s good that you didn´t purged, I´m proud of you!

  3. Yay for you for not purging!! :D

    Cherry picking sounds like it's good exercise.

    Missed you yesterday. <3

  4. Hey I'm a new reader, just wanted to say I liked your whale sushi analogy. Witty stuff. :)