Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 1 Points

I dont know why but im actually way pumped about my new diet :)
today i scored : 28 which meants i have to put away $3
Im so poor at the moment so that is going to make me work so much harder to keep the money i need. i went over my internet allowance for last month and they have just taken $100 from my account :( thats $60 extra than usual. I still have about $100 of christmas shopping to do too. Oh how i wish i had a job. I looked up receptionist jobs yesterday but they all want experience. I wish i knew someone who owned a company or had some high position that could get me in. Everyone is telling me i should wait until after xmas to look as hiring season was a few months back. Its just a bit poo.
Ive been a bit slow on commenting blogs lately. I have so many followers now. If i havnt commented it doesnt mean i havnt read your post. im just too lazy to think of a comment. See i like to write meaningful comments not just "well done" or "stay strong" even though if i do say those things i mean it. But i think advice to a problem or responding to what the person have written about is just nicer. But then sometimes I wont know how to respond or think my comment sounds stupid, so i just dont comment at all. And also if heapsa people have already commented on a post i tend not to comment either coz i feel like in late to the party and everyone has already said everything. Does anyone else feel like this?


  1. I actually love commenting, I´m stupid, that´s a given but I think the comments can chear up people, they cheer me up.
    Don´t think you are stupid and don´t be so shy with us, the blogs are for venting and you should say wathever you want =)
    I´m looking for a receptionist job too but I have the same problem, no experience =(
    You´ll find one soon, don´t worry.

  2. I get you on the job thing. I wish I had one. Not for the money but for something to do really.
    I hate commenting when loads of people have already commented too. I like it when you can't see the other comments until they get published because you never see them lol.

  3. I totally understand the commenting thing, sometimes I'll write something and then realise that I'm just rambling on someone else's blog or think it sounds ridiculous so delete it.

    I love your money saving idea, I might do something similar but probably with a minimum input and spend the money when I reach my next goal weight on a reward. Given me good ideas to think about over the weekend (I always start things on a Sunday, don't know why).
    The internet people are MEAN! You should phone them up and be all girly and cry and make them give you the money back. That's what I do when I go over my base phone bill lol.

    Good luck with job hunting. Might as well get in early even if noone's hiring until after Christmas. xx

  4. Geh. I need a job.
    Won't let myself get one till I'm thin though, I use it for motivation.

    Well, I comment on every new blog post from the blogs I'm following and from the followers's blogs and my commenter's blogs. I just make sure every comment is at least 2 sentences long and put a love heart at the end, makes it more meaningful. <3 See? Don't you feel loved now?

  5. Totally understand you on commenting. I'm the same way.
    But this time I just had to say Epic diet plan and I'm sooooo stealing this idea! I'll have to adapt it a bit but Epic Diet Plan!
    (A thieving ex-housemate kept stealing cash so I stopped using cash a loooong time ago. It'll all be on paper for me!)

    Internet people are very mean! Crap that's a big jump! The over fee was twice your normal bill? Wtf who does that?!

  6. sometkimes jobs are hard to find u just gotta keep looking though one will come

  7. I love commenting (and love recieving comments too) but i completely get what you mean! I hate being one of the late people to post because whatever I type is like what someone else has said further up. I too like to give long, meaningful comments in response to what the person has said but they can take quite a bit of time and energy -.-'
    Love Anafly

  8. For my first office jobs, I had no experience, so I made a resume that said I had "interned" at the company where mum worked at the time. I listed one of her friends as my "boss", and the friend agreed to say I was a good receptionist, or secretary, or whatever I was looking for. Got me my first job with a really good pay. :D

    Good luck with the job search, and the new diet!