Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home Alone

Dear blog,
I am typing and binging at the same time! Pure skill right? Everyone is out and i am taking advantage of it by having a mass binge and purge session and blogging. Possibly the coolest person ever right now. Yes i am in a sarcastic mood.
Anyhoo my sister threw a massive haouse party last night. I spent 2 hours trying to be the responsible/mature adult and then said fuck it and got wasted. I passed out at like 2 and awoke to nutrigrain and frozen vegetables scattered around the house.
---brb purge time---
Ahhh much better.
So i still have no idea what my weight is. I havnt been to the gym for ages coz ive been so busy with Christmas and whatnot. We used to have scales at this house and now they are gone too. I hope my Grandma hasnt found out about my purging and told my parents to hide their scales too. I dont know why this is stressing me out so much coz i will most likely be the same weight. but i just want to know. what if when i check im up like 5kg or something horrible? Bleh!
For all the purgers out there i have a question... Does your chest hurt when you do it? Sometimes i have to stop and wait for a minute then start again coz of it. I dont want to die like that. You know those pictures that people post on PT every so often of the dead girl whose stomach ruptured? That scares me so much. Not really the dying part but the people finding me like that. thats the main reason i dont tell anyone about this shit. Coz i dont want to worry them. I dont want anybody to feel that they have to help me because i know i am beyond help.
Ok have to stop being so emo.... I bought some really awesome jewellery the other day. i have a ring with a scorpion on it and lizard earings. I know it sounds wierd but they are really cute.
G2G my sister just got back. Xo


  1. my ches just hurts all thet ime
    but just b careful hun

  2. ooh be careful!! that doesn't sound good at all. mayeb go to a doctor and slyly be like "i had an awful vomiting virus for a couple of days and my chest really hurt when i was throwing up - what does that mean?"
    take care of yourself xx

  3. its probably a strain, I get those all the time, and I hope no1 ever finds me naked hunched over a toilet either.
    Be safe hun, as safe as we allow ourselves..

  4. I do get chest pains whe I purge resulary but i always tell myself it´s nothing, please be careful.
    The ring and earings sound really cool =)
    Take care sweetie

  5. I love the sarcasm little monster! lmao. As for the chest pains be careful. Take time and deep breaths. And yes its possible to over binge and to get a heart attack while purging. Very possible. Know the risks sweetie and be careful!!! I'm sure you haven't gained 5kgs by the way. Oh and the frozen food all over the house is so Skins lmao.xoxoxox stay strong

  6. Hello girls as you may have notice I have a new blogger once again!! The first time I was clumsy and deleted it the second time however my blog was reported and shut down!! Unfortunately for the person who reported me, they are unaware of my DETERMINATION and MOTIVATION to make a POSITIVE change!!

    I hope you all are having an AWESOME week and sorry I could not be there to share it with you. However I am back and hope we can support each other =)

    “Life's ups and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals - Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want”

    Bree =)

  7. I have a mass binge/purge session every time I'm home alone too.

    My chest hurts a fair amount after purging at times. And the rupturing stomach idea terrifies me aswell.

    I wish I had some useful advice, but I don't.

    Keep holding on though, and take care! xox