Thursday, December 9, 2010

Im So Fat Right Now...

Therefore i am stop acting like a fatty and start actually making an effort to be skinny. Ive decided to try specific diets and see how they work/if i can actually do them. When i finish each one i will give you guys a summary. Im stopping purging and more importantly stopping binging. Im going to go the gym more often too.
So tomorrow im going to make a new page called "diets" which will list what is involved in each one and in what order i will do them. Im thinking a modified version of the MK diet first and the ABC diet last, coz for me that is the ultimate challenge and will signify completion. If anyone wants to join me on my venture feel free. Just let me know.
Much love. Xo


  1. I don´t know the MK diet. I´d join you but I´m fasting for a couple of days. On Monday I´´ll start with you if you tell me how many cals are in the MK diet.
    I´m making a promisse to myself to stop binging and purging too, I need to.
    You´ll lose the weight in no time!

  2. Good luck<3
    You are beautiful no matter what.

  3. MK? Like...mary kate?

    I look forward to seeing how these go for you!
    Good luck!


  4. sounds like a good idea! going to google the MK diet now coz i've got no idea what it is hah

  5. ima have to google mk diet caus eidk what it is