Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Responding To my Lovelies

*Broken* - Well i count that as being under 200 so that would be 12 points. You could make it 13 if you want tho. I can change the plan if thats what you want to do so we will all be doing the same thing. Let me know yeh?
B-May - Im going with my bestie (gay) another gay and another girl. Are you going next year? We could even catch up if you felt like it?
Mel - Wow 3lbs in one day is awesome! i wish something like that would happen to me...everyday :P
Mich - Thats a good way to look at it. i reckon you feel less hungry in the morning too. so if you avoid a binge by sleeping and dont feel hungry in the morning then you think your superwoman!


  1. Naaawww, thank you <3
    I wish it happened more often for me too >.<

  2. Oh, and don't worry about tink. It just means that she likes you ;)
    and since we're sharing crazy stories, when I'm feeling especially weak i see bugs crawling on the walls o.O

    take care xx