Friday, December 17, 2010

No Beach For Fatties

Yesterday i cried in a shopping centre. How embarrasing. However fat you are the mirrors in the change rooms make you look fatter. As you can see from this graphically correct drawing my reflection doesnt even fit properly in the mirror. In light of this experience i have banned myself from the beach this summer, unless i swim fully clothed.I seriously feel so fat lately. Its like all my muscle has wasted away and been replaced by lard. That is the only thing that could have happened coz the scales say i weigh the same. Eh i feel wobbly and gross. Im going to the gym later tonight and then work tomorrow. so i will post again when something of significance happens. Ciao Bella!


  1. I was doing my grocery shopping the other day and just started crying, I was walking around the supermarket, doing my shopping, just crying. It was embarrassing

  2. Dressing rooms are of the devil o.O
    The fluorescent lights, the mirrors, it's all very unflattering.

  3. I agree with Mel, dressing rooms are the worst thing that can happen to me....
    I always cry when I go buying cloth for my self...
    Maybe you´re reteining water sweetie

  4. I'm with Mel and Broken...they're awful awful awful. I hope maybe you felt better after the gym, and I'm sorry it was such a rough shopping trip :(

  5. Aw deary. I'm so sorry. It sounds like maybe your body is storing some water babe... I hope you feel better. This is the third blog I've read today with a breakdown in a public place... which makes me sad because the one I'm postin day is along the same lines. God Ana can be so cruel and yet I love her. Im wishing u luck sweetie.