Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Noes... Bad News

Scales... very old and have some kind of floral pattern on them. Much loved item coz despite being so old gave me the same weight as the gym scales which i trust.
So i felt like i was losing weight. I dont know if you girls (and boys i actually have 2 beautiful boys following me now *waves* hi there fellas) ever get the feeling that you are somehow lighter than usual but on rare occasions it happens to me. usually i feel heavy. Ive just got in and i go to weigh myself but NOOOO! the scales are gone! i bet grandma has taken them to her new bf's house. now i have to weigh at my parents place. That usually makes me seem lighter and then i get happy until i weigh somewhere else and then i cry coz im 2kg heavier than they say! pooey.
Well today i am the bearer of bad news. Its seems my internet stick does not work in the shithole where my parents house is situated. This will be my place of residence for the next month and a bit until my friends lease ends and we find a new place to live. So i probably wont be updating you lovelies that frequently. I will have to take my sisters laptop and take a bus out of town to give all you guys the hot goss (aka random crap) about my life.
On the plus side though... it is a 5 min walk to the gym! yaysies. And i get to see my kitties. I love my kitties dearly. They are my babies.
Anyhoo hope you kids are all doing great and have a brilliant Christmas with lots of good presents and not too much food :P


  1. I'll miss you if you don't get to post as much, but I understand. Sucks about the scales, I hate not having ones I trust available.

  2. Oh i'll miss your posts..and cartoons. I hate not having scales I bought my own recently and have them stashed in my room :)
    Enjoy Christmas x

  3. I´ll miss your posts sweetie!
    I hate when my mom hides my scale, so I know what you mean.
    Merry Chrismas sweetie!!

  4. haha your grandma has a new bf that is so awesome! that sucks about posting but do try and update us as much as you can!
    stay strong xx

  5. o man sorry about ur scales
    and i will miss ur updates

  6. Missing you so much! Hope you find your scales!!! xoxox