Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Perfect Purging Place

So as the title suggests my non purging streak was broken. Yesterday i went to the movies with my friend to see harry potter. Yes i know i am weeks behind the rest of you. And your gonna hate me but i laughed when dobby died. Idk why but he just looked funny dying. i hope someone agrees with me on this coz i am going to seem like the biggest meanie otherwise.
Anyhoo here is a comic depicting what i do when i go to the movies....

Oh yeh and on a similar subject the toilet in my house is broken. i have a slight suspicion it might be my fault. So its the shower and plastic bags from now on. I know im disgusting but i just cant stop. Hope all you guys are doing good. Xo


  1. Ok, so the comic's a little disturbing...yet awesome. You have talent...and it's so true how we think about certain places differently from "normal" people. This is full of thoughts that would never cross someone else's mind, but so true. Way to go :)

  2. dobby pissed me off >:D
    and what's more i hate HP. just hate it. ALOT.
    sooo i'm cool with the whole laughing at dobby dying thing, i probably would have done the same. stupid little elf..

    and your comic is awesomeness

  3. I don´t see HP movies cause I loved the books so much I feel they ruin the books for me but I cried when Dobby died hehe
    The movies is the perfect place to purge, never thought of that.
    Your comics are so good!!haha

  4. My dad had to unlock the drain it was so clogged with my vomit the other day :S
    I wasn't bothered when Dobby died, he was just CGI!!!
    YAY for cartoons! x

  5. Oh my goodness, those pictures made me laugh, but yeah a bit disturbing, haha.

    I was sad when Dobby died, but it wasn't as drawn out in the film as it was in the book. That book was INTENSE. And awesome. I cried reading the 5th one when Sirius died. :*(

    I put thing in pre-measured baggies as well, usually with the cals and carbs written on the bag. :D

    Hope your home toilet gets fixed. <3


  6. aha I cried when Dobby died but I don't hate you for laughing. Everyone has different reactions to different things also damn, never realised how good the cinema was for purging ! Trying not to purge anymore but just in case I will keep this in mind =P xxxx

  7. inever got into hp
    u and ur pics geeezzzz

  8. hahah awesome comic, I was so sad when dobby died!!!