Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Quicky

So today im cleaning my room and sorting things out to be taken to my parents place. Im moving back in with them in a week. Hopefully it will only be for 2 months coz that is when my bestie's lease ends and we will find a new place to rent. I hate my parent place so the sooner im out of there the better.
Anyhoo while cleaning my sock drawer i came across a lil bag. in that lil bag was a lil amount of speed. It has been there for like 10 months left over from a music festival. I assumed drugs dont go off and i ate it. Then i was super cleaning lady! do drugs count as food? if so i think they would defs be negative cals :P
This is a quick post coz i have to get back to cleaning and then meet a friend but yeh i just wanted to share my happiness with you kids. xo


  1. Wow that's one of the most interesting things you could possibly find in the back of your sock drawer. I'm glad to hear you're happy.

  2. hahahaha what an odd thing to find in a sock draw!

  3. Speed. I wish id find some in my sock drawer. lmao

  4. I wish I found somwthing like that in my sock drawer!

  5. y cant i find good stuff in my sock drawer