Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stereosonic 2010

I swear my tastebuds are going insane lately. i am seriously eating a bowl of lettuce right now. let me remind you all that i am a bulimic not an anorectic. so this right now is wierd for me.
Actually now i am thinking about the differences between anorexics and bulimics i reckon i have a really good argument against people who say eating didorders are a choice. You see i would say if i chose this i would be anorexic instead of bulimic. I know both disorders are bad and i wouldnt want either but i swear it would be better to not eat and be skinny than to puke everything up and still be fat and still feel guilty coz you eat like a fatty. but then i also feel that if was underweight i still wouldnt feel anything like an anorectic coz i would still be eating like i had compulsive over eating. eh idk what im blabbing on about. do any of you get what im saying? want to oppose it?
So i went to Stereosonic music festival on Saturday. Despite looking like an absolute freak i had a great time.... although little blue pills make things seem better. My friends seriously attacked me with fake tan and teased my hair. I was basically an oompa loompa.
Be lucky you are only seeing a small portion of me in that photo. Coz i swear the whole shebang could be deadly.
Anyways the best parts of the day for me were going on the really high spinny upside down ride. idk what the actual name is. so much fun! because i hadnt drank for 8 months prior to this day i was the biggest lightweight ever. i had 2 drinks and was smashed! So i get off this ride drunk and dizzy and decided that itd be fun to hit on the ugly carnie and run away. unfortunately not to long later we went on the ride again and he kept smiling at me like a fool. lol. I also had fun at the trance stage. I didnt know the dj that was playing but he was sooo good. 2night i have to reseach Guiseppe IDKhislastname. Last playing was Tiesto and the crowd went mad! We got into about 15 rows of people back from the stage, but i couldnt see anything coz im a shorty. The sound on the main stage was really not that good so my friend and i decided to go up the back of the stands and take photos of all the people and the pretty sunset.


  1. aah you went to stereo! a few of my friends went but i didn't want to spend on the tickets. sounds like it was mad - glad u had a good time x

  2. The music festival sounds good, I'm glad you had a good time =) Hope you're ok xx

  3. I´m glad you had fun!!
    I know what you mean, if I could choose I´d be anorexic too...I hate bulimia.

  4. I'm glad you had fun darling :)
    I'm not bulimic but personally I think that anorexia would be better... I haven't vomited in 10 or 11 years so the idea of puking frightens me :/
    Love Anafly

  5. Sounds like so much fun! I can't believe you went on a ride drunk. Lol, I think I would have puked everywhere. I can't handle rides--I'm such a wuss.

    Good luck if you decide to do a gingerbread house! I think you should. Find one that comes in a box with the cookie parts already made: they taste nasty, so you won't be tempted to eat it. :D