Saturday, December 11, 2010

What Have you Done Today To Make You Feel Proud?

Most of you would probably think that i have been watching The Biggest Loser by judging my heading. Seeing as its the theme song for the US version, and this blog talks a lot about weightloss. But actually i just finished watching the last season of Queer as Folk. And that was the final song as they are dancing. I am so sad! I love that show and now ive watched it all. Im not gay but i can relate to that show so much. i dont know if anyone else on here has seen it, but if you have which character can you most relate to? I just know that im going to be Debbie when im older. It makes me so excited for Gay Mardis Gras in Sydney next year.
So back to reality... today i do feel proud. I worked out and restricted really well. Ive been craving all sorts of horrible junk foods but havnt eaten any. I scored 27 today so thats another $3 into savings. Ive taken into account the half cup of warm milk and salada im about to eat before bed in those calculations. I find its best for me to eat an hour after i wake up to kick start my metabolism and before i go to bed so i can sleep. during the day i can get by with just a few bites of food when i feel a bit weak. Do you eat at certain times of the day? why those times?
Well im off. Quite tired now. Xo


  1. That´s a lovely phrase! I´ve never watched the show but I want to.
    I usually eat in the afternoon and night, that´s when I´m hungry.
    I have a question about the points diet, if you eat from 0 up to 100, how much points do you get?
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. It's so depressing when you finish watching every episode of a really good show. There's only one thing to do--get the entire series on dvd and start over from the beginning. :D I never watched Queer as Folk, but I remember when Oz went off the air forever I sank into a month-long depression.

    Sounds like you did really well! AND saving money!

    I usually eat a small breakfast, and then don't eat again until dinner time--unless of course I feel faint and absolutely must eat something to keep from passing out. I figure that way I can save up all my calories for nighttime, and if I feel a binge coming on, then I'll just go to bed.


  3. Yeah I have been to mardi gras a few times, its so awesome hahaha, who are you going with? I didn't know who he was either, my boyfriend told me lol.
    I try not to eat throughout the day as usually if I start, I can't stop. Sometimes I can have a few bites throughout the day like a couple of strawberries but generally I eat in the evening.
    Anyway don't worry I love long comments haha

  4. I eat brekky at 10, Lunch at 1, Dinner at 6.
    I don't know why I eat at these times, all I know is that if I don't I freak out >.<
    And yea, generally i leave about 50-100 or so calories for a small meal before bed to tide me over till morning.
    Something I did that I'm proud of: lost 3 lbs in one day.
    Typically I gained most of it back, but still =P