Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where do you go, My lovelies...

Where do you go?
Seriously half the peoples i follow arent blogging anymore. It makes me really sad. It even makes me not want to post as much. Its like i kinda knew those people and now they are just gone :(
So how long have you been blogging? Have you ever had a period of time where you didnt blog and then came back to it? I have been doing this blog for 5 months now and i dont think i have gone a week without posting in that time.
In the last week i have only purged once, which is amazing seeing as before that i was purging at least twice a day. Suprisingly i havnt put on weight either. I really think the scales are broken coz i have eaten so much and pretty much not purged any of it. There should be at least an extra kilo on me.
I have to wrap this up coz my friend will be here in a minute, but i might do another post later. xo


  1. I'm still here!!
    So glad you've cut down your purging so much. That's brilliant babe.

  2. I´ve had many blogs, but I think I starte this one like a month ago, I´m still here too =)
    I´m so glad you purged so little this week, i´m really proud of you!

  3. Well done for not purging too much! I've had a fair few blogs as well. I started blogging fully in 2008 and have changed sites a few times due to crashing and people leaving here now. And now here i am =] hehe x

  4. Thee only times i don't post are when im sick or in the hospital. But, i used to have a lovely blog, and i deleted it. I didn't start back for many months. My reason was attempted recovery. My blog felt like a trigger. So maybe others are leaving for that reason, to recover.

    I love reading your blog though, and i hope you keep writing them.

  5. There's so many blogs I'm following where the ppl have just stopped posting. I hope it's just 'cause they got bored or recovered...

    I've been blogging for 10 months. Can't believe it's almost been a year!

    Good job not purging. Keep it up! :D


  6. im stilll here and bloging wow almost a year and half now damn ive been blogging for ahwile
    and i know i miss the blogs i use to read but ppl just stoppedu pdating
    yay for cutting down thte purging

  7. <3 I'm still here, don't you disappear either :)

  8. I'm sorry that the people you are following aren't blogging. You should follow me

  9. i'm so proud of you for not purging - keep it up!
    and i've noticed that too - the longest i've been away from blogger is like 3 days and when that happens i click on each person i'm following and open their latest post to catch up. i notice some people haven't posted for weeks, months even. an absence i've noticed in particular is issyla- i mis her!
    ah well we're still here and that's important!

  10. Yay for not purging as much!
    Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say on my blog, but not blogging makes me depressed. So I sometimes talk about stuff other than weight loss attempts. Like drooling over......someone :)
    I think the longest I have gone without updating is.... a week. I think. I don't keep track of time as well when not blogging.

  11. Thats great about your purging!
    I have been blogging for a month, I think. Yep I'm a newbie!
    I have noticed that some of my favs have stopped updating and thats no bueno