Saturday, January 15, 2011


I havent done a post for ages and this one will not make up for missed time because its another quicky. im at my parents house and am being sneaky while they watch the news. Checked my weight the other day... same as usual :( at least i havnt gained.
Shit is going on with my friends... it seems that im losing them all. I dont even know if its completely my fault or not. im in a depressed mood today. so this post probably sounds more gloomy that an average day. i miss all of you. the whole community vibe. hopefully i will be back with regular posting soon. Xo


  1. Wow. I actually completely understand. All of my best friends have had to move to the country, it's basically just me left. I can't wait for your regular posts to start up again. I missed you while i was over seas.

  2. I feelk like my friends are leaving me too, it sucks.
    I miss your longer posts sweetie

  3. <3 Oh love. Everything seems to be falling apart; for all of us.
    I hope you can be okay. It will turn out, somehow.


  4. I'm sorry :( I've felt like that before about my friends, and it was horrible. I'm actually shocked that they're still my friends now, I can hardly believe it.
    I'm glad you'll be back to regular posting soon :) xx