Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fatty Boombah

Good morning sunshines!
This past week i realised how much i need this blog. While i havnt been posting ive been eating soo much junk. The scales say ive put on nearly 2 kg :( im purging everyday but still eating more after i purge! im just disgusting.
I have to post more to help me keep track of my eating and to be inspired by you lovelies. So today im starting the turn around. Detox time. So far ibe had some green tea... which was jasmine flavoured but some how tasted like banana... wierd.
Im going to now complain about how bad i feel in all of my clothes... seriously its like i cant wear anything that looks good. i have one outfit that covers all the problem areas but that is in the wash coz obviously im alays wearing it. Even bras and undies are getting me down... stupid back boobs and muffin top :( waaahhh!
Anyway to good news... I had a job interview last night. It was a group interview and i think i did alright compared to the other people who were there. There was one point where i turned bright red and forgot half the stuff i was going to say but appart from that it all went alright.
tonight im going out with my friends (note to self: be less social coz i eat more with my friends).
im going to a club but i dont think i will drink coz of calories and my liver being all grumpy at me.
Anyways im off to the gym. Ciao bellas. X0


  1. im sure ur interview went great

  2. First of all, YAY about the interview. :) Congrats!

    and second of all: Feel beautiful... Everything will be okay. :3

  3. Congrats on the interview!! I hate all my clothes right now too. It'll be okay! You'll get there! Stay strong lady!!

  4. Hope you get the job =)
    I can't wear any of my clothes, I look disgusting

  5. I hope you get the job!

    You need a back-up comfy outfit. I wear the same thing every day as well, to cover myself up. When it starts to get a bit funky, I break out the back-up sweatshirts and baggy jeans so I can wash it... ;D

    Good luck with your detox. <3 AND GET YOUR ARSE TO THE ARMAGEDDON EXPO!!!


  6. I think you shouldn't become less social, coz ur friends love you, and they will understand if u eat just healthy food, don't they? If u will be less social u may become absolutely ED-addict :((