Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love You Lots

I am so happy to come back after weeks of not posting to find everyone still following me. When i just saw the comments i got from my last post it seriously warmed my heart. I thought people would have forgotton about me or deleted me, but actually i have more followers than ever :)
Right this moment i am styffing my self with food preparing for a purge. Do any of you find that after you have eaten a certain amount and you know you are going to purge that you purposely eat more before you do it? My dad brought kfc for dinner... which of course is not staying in... i had my twister and was full but i forced my self to eat 3 muesli bars and a bowl of cereal before i purge... which will be... right now


  1. Love to know that you're posting again *yay*
    Good luck with your purge x
    Stay strong and beautiful sweetie <3

  2. yeah i use to do that too ro i would just eat soemthing knwoing tha i was gonna purge it neway
    i havent purged in awhile though
    stay strong

  3. I do that, I worry that if I don't I'll crave it the next day and thus ruin two days instead of just one. Though I'm not really binging at the moment :O
    I've only had KFC once and I purged it...

  4. Well, I am trying to purge as little as possible. Therefore I don't really have any habits and it's kind of hard to tell whether I'd eat just because I know I'd purge.
    It is great that you are posting again. You weren't forgotten! :)

    ~ Meg

  5. Welcome back love.
    I hope you're okay, and that the KFC wasn't too bad going out ;)
    Haha, gross. Okay sorry. Seriously though, I missed you :)

  6. Hi, your blog is very interesting for me.. I hope you don't mind if i will be your reader :)
    ( hello from Russia :))