Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nom nom nom... Blarggh

Hey guys,
Just purged... Whats new? lol. Anywhoo before that i ate what was probably the most sickly and disgucting concoction ever and is probably in the files of
Yes you see it contained... an egg, 4 bacon rashers, a slice of cheese, a hashbrown and bbq sauce all on a bread roll. Pretty much heart attack on a plate. I also had a peice of cheesecake. All gone down the drain within 5 mins of purging. why do i do this to myself... if i wasnt bulimic i wouldnt ever eat that EVER! I only ate it coz i knew i could purge it. This is why i should not be left home alone with a house full of food. So yeh i feel like a giant disgusting pig right now.
I had uni orientation yesterday, which went well. I made friends and am now excited and a little less scared for my first day back learning on monday. I saw one girl who was quite obviously a cutter. I felt so sorry for her coz she had scars all over her arm. not fresh ones so im hoping that they are all just old and she has stopped now. im so glad i stopped doing that, i only have a few scars and they are barely visible now. So a shout out to all cutters, please think twice before hurting yourselves, try going for a run or getting a release some other way that isnt going to scar. You are all beautiful. Xo

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  1. its hard to fight the urge when it hits u hard im a cutter as well and improud of u that u stopped im working on stopping
    sorry that u purged hun