Friday, February 18, 2011


As you can probably see ive changed the title and background of my blog. I think the title suits me better and the background echos the title. I ate well today until i realised there was french onion dip in the fridge. i had eaten a bowl of cereal 6 hours earlier and i was craving food so bad. At least i havnt purged today... yet.

During the past few months i have been having a stalker on facebook. This guy would message me at least once a week begging me to add him as a friend. He even went as far as to say and i quote "i need you, i love you." while vaguely entertaining it was also quite annoying. After ignoring him for 5 months he seems to have gone away... but now i have a new one...

I decided to meet a random off the internet last week. He seemed to be a nice guy but we really didnt connect. After the date if you can call it that he kept texting me, which was fine until i got this... "i cant wait to taste how sweet you are"... now yes my mind is in the gutter a lot of the time but i am sure im not the only one who gets a dirty vibe out of this. Obviously i ignore him after this but now it seems he just wont go away. Grrr.

Love you guys a hell of a lot more than dirty men. Xo


  1. Hahah, best of luck dealing with your stalker!
    Stay Strong & Beautiful sweetie <3

  2. ew stalkesr not fun
    love the new background and title

  3. Ah, why are some guys so disgusting? I will never understand.

    ~ Meg