Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Hate Pizza... I Hate My Lack of Self Control More

yesterday was going soo well until my lil bro bought home pizza. i had one slice and then went nuts. inhaling anything that came into my path. i went to purge but only half of what i ate came up. total cals probably ingested was 1600 for the day. so today im going to try again. cals so far 0... gonna make some tadziki dip and carrot sticks approx 300 but that is for quite a lot that will fill me up. be back later with more stuff to blog about. xo


  1. sorry aboutt he pizza but u will do better tomorrow

  2. Pizza is a killer food when it comes to self control :/.

    Hope you're feeling a bit better now!


  3. Pizza is such an evil fiend! I hate cheese, and yet I tend to cave around pizza. 1600 isn't horrendous, though. You'll make up for it. :D

    Hope you're feeling better. <3