Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monty Python and the Disgusting Fat Man

I am so fricken cold! i have my electric blanket on 3 and im still freezing my tits off. seriously dont understand, see fat is supposed to keep you warm yeh? so why when im on the verge of obesity do i feel the cold like im 20lbs under? perhaps im just a sook lol.
Anyway i stayed at the boys place last night where he introduced me to Monty Python's 'The Meaning Of Life'. although quite funny the was one scene that scared me to death because it reminded me of me. In it there is this humongous fat man (obviously in a fat suit) in a restraunt who comes in and pukes everywhere and then eats himself to death and explodes on everyone. i dont know if normal people see this as comic but to me it was disgusting. im so scared i could turn into that. and wondered if anyone saw me binging would they feel as disgusted as i did watching him.


  1. Monty Python doesn't do it for me. Not funny to me and ya, that fat/puke/explosion scene sounds ridiculous and traumatizing.
    I DO have a sense of humor, maybe I just don't get it?

    I'm so cold ALL the time too. And I'm def not underweight either. I have been feeling REALLY cold for months even when I was in the 160's
    dunno what's up.


  2. That scene sounds messed up. I don't think anyone with an eating disorder would find that funny. Would a normal person find that funny? Hmmm, I don't know.

  3. Yup, Pythons at the pinnacle of fucked-uppedness.

    Ya know whats worse? Theres a computer game of it, and that was the ONLY level D: couldn't pass!

  4. I was obsessed with Monty Python from a very young age...

    I must be sick in the head though, because that scene still cracks me up. :/ Whenever we have a family dinner at home, my older sis and I always look at each other after we're finished eating and say, "f*ck off, I'm full," "Gimme a bucket!"...
    Yeah we're weird.