Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Golden and Odin

So while i was away my dog Golden died. She had skin cancer.

Here is a pic of her about 2 weeks before we had to get her put down. She has socks on her paws coz they were sore and she kept licking them. RIP my pretty girl.

A week ago we got a new puppy named Odin. He is a border collie x golden retriever. My dad named him after the Norse God of Wisdom and Death. Despite the name he is a happy bouncy little boy who like to turn everything into a toy. Here is a pic of him just being cute and another pic of him chewing the carpet he unravelled.

Anyways so far today i havnt binged or purged and i didnt b/p yesterday either :) im a lil bit proud. Eating some good healthy foods and generally just doing awesome. im seeing the bf tonight so hopefully i can get something at least semi healthy for dinner. oh yeh and i forgot to say my boyfriend got a new puppy too which is Odin's brother. His name is Benson and looks pretty much the same as Odin except one paw has more white.

I have to go meet the boy at work now so il talk to youkids later. Mucho love. Xo


  1. Hey gorgeous.. I'm so sorry about your beautiful doggy :( It's always so hard losing a pet and I hope you're okay. Your puppies sure are cute, I must say.. And well done on no b/p!

  2. im sorry about ur dog hun but he new one is so cute

  3. Awww, they're both gorgeous! Golden has the BEST choice in footwear. Sleep peacefully, beautiful one.

    I hope you have a good weekend <3