Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OMFG im back!

Hey kids! have you missed me? probably not... probably forgotten me ive been gone so long.
So yeh ive been binging and purging myself into oblivion. slowly and steadily gaining all the weight i had lost back. i dont know if you guys know the feeling of getting new boy who likes you for you then letting everything slide coz u dont want them to think your a total freak. getting comfortable and then realising your still fat. so yeh with the move from PT to THIN im starting afresh. trying to lose weight while cutting back on the b/p bullshit. Going back to calorie king to record my food intake and get myself back under control. so yeh doing it healthy with 1200 cals to start off with then we will see how it goes. also saw a 4min workout the otherday that is said to raise your heart rate for 36 hours! probs not true but im gonna try it once a day anyways.
Looking back on some old posts from novemberish time last year i realised that this blog was actually really cool and i enjoyed taking time to be creative on it ( making those lil cartoons) i was posting everyday and i had heapsa followers. So yeh if your still here give me a shout. hopefully i can get some new followers and new blogs to follow from my new friends on THIN as well. Peace out. xo


  1. Hiiii!! I'm still here! I tend to not drop blogs very much and then the blogs get deleted and then I can't remove them from my following list ACK.
    Yes please more cartoons! Even I've started to try cartoons. I only have a few. The next one I'm hoping will be my story of victory over the Evil Shower Door. :)

  2. Heyyyy, welcome back hun. :-) looking forward to your blogs. xx

  3. HEYYYA! I miss your cartoons :(

  4. Heyy. I missed you :) Everybody seems to be disappearing ;/ That 4min exercise thing sounds pretty darn interesting, I'd love to hear how it goes! Good luck with errrthang miss :)

  5. missed u hun glad that ur back
    and being healthy sounds good good luck on th exercise

  6. Welcome back and yes I know that feeling with boys.
    Currently trying to do the same, he can't know what a disordered weirdo i am..