Saturday, August 27, 2011


Curse you really strong speed that was very free and tempting. I havnt really slept last night and now getting to the paranoid stage. ive also had a million bongs trying to get to sleep so now i have a sexy raspy voice. despite this i had a really good night just hanging at my friends house.
Im aware how this post could make me sound like a drugged up hippy but really im a good girl at heart. its just that once every few months i get the urge to have a crazy weekend. i get it out of my system and then continue on like a semi normal person. So the plan for now is to have a week away from my friends after this to catch up with homework. im going to refrain from drinking smoking and drugsies for 3 weeks but then there is a trance event on so i will let my self go for that and then nothing til my birthday.
in response to my last post... my birthday is 11/11/11 :) im mainly excited because its a really cool date. so yeh i have 12 weeks to lose 10kg so it is very doable. just have to get myself in the right frame of mind and go for it.
Anyway i have to head off and see a movie with the boy and the bestie now so ill catch u kids later. xoxox


  1. I'm envious of when your birthday is. I'd love my birthday to be on that date.

    Have fun at the cinema. xx

  2. That IS the coolest birthday, and it will only be that cool once ever so live it up. 11/11/... is still so cool every year too. My birthday is August 13, which I think is the 2nd coolest date. :-)

  3. V. cool birthdate! I haven't tried speed before, so i don't really know the effects. I'm glad you pace yourself inbetween though :)