Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Boyfriend...

...makes me feel content just by being in the room. i spent pretty much the whole weekend with him.
we went fishing which made me feel like a child again, with all the digging for worms and feeding bread to our new friend the duck, who by the way is soo adorable and wags her tail when she is happy just like a dog. i was going to post pics of me and the boy feeding ducky but it seems i have lost my camera. hopefully i will post them in the coming days. we got a few bites but didnt catch anything.
fishing made me remember that i love nature and now i am craving a camping trip away from society. i imaging myself just leaving for a couple of days, taking the bare essentials and letting myself relax and explore an area of bushland. of course i would need a car to reach my destination and the time and know how, all of which i do not have. the boy said he would take me camping when he gets his car fixed. that should be in about 2 weeks so i have something to look forward to.
my boyfriend is hard to explain. he is very different to me in many ways. he is quite reserved when expressing emotions, which is the complete opposite of me. this is hard for me to understand sometimes.
i like to express my feeling in a relationship by telling the person how i feel about them. he on the other hand shows love by either spending time with me or doing various things for me. so in that way i know he likes me but without talking its hard to know all the other various details to his thoughts and feelings. i just know there is an amazing mind and soul inside him and i want to explore it.
typing that out ive just realized how much of a nutcase i sound like. but thats just me, too deep and too intense.
anyway... i want to tell him that i love him... but im scared of the response or probable lack of response.
is there any point saying it when i know we already both feel it? will it ruin everything we already have?

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