Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ive got a song stuck in my head so im playing it over and over again. Its called "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye. some of the lyrics remind me of last year when i was getting over my ex. i have no idea why im thinking of that when now i have a wonderful boyfriend.
Lately ive been tired all the time. I just want to always sleep. Its effecting my social life and uni work. Im debating getting more sleeping pills from the doctor but i would rather get a good sleep without drugs. Although i did get a great sleep last week with the aid of some weed. But i cant be smoking that all the time as i get anxiety attacks as it is.
Talking of anxiety attacks... last weekend was hell. Think breaking down crying in the middle of a shopping centre kind of hell.
It was my sister's birthday this weekend so i let myself binge away which was stupid of me. I have no control at the moment. Its worse too because im trying not to purge, so basically im a huge ball of lard.
Tomorrow im starting a weightloss regime. less calories + more exercise = looking at least semi decent for my 21st. im hoping to drop a kilo per week which is quite doable i just hve to stick to it. So i should lose about 10kg (22lbs) by my birthday.
I have to go catch up on uni work now but i will post again soon.
Much love. Xoxo


  1. I love love that song! Been played all over Nova atm. When's your 21st, 10 kg's is do-able but what's the time frame?

    I love starting new weight loss regimes. Makes me feel in control! Urgh no to weed, makes me really paranoid and have anxiety attacks too. How come you're tired? No sleep at night? or just lethargic, also not eating the right foods does it too.


  2. When's your 21st? I'm glad my birthday isn't for another 4 or 5 months. It gives me plenty of time to prepare for it.

    Anxiety attacks are horrible! I always freak out more because I am freaking out lol which makes things so much worse. I was debating the same thing with sleeping pills from the doctor but I'm not sure. I hate taking tablets which is pretty ironic since I have tried two attempted suicides from tablets lol and I pop laxatives. But yeah. I am not keen on taking drugs from the doctor...