Monday, August 8, 2011


I had my first day back at uni today. i decided that i would walk there to get some exercise. unfortunately i didnt leave myself enough time in which to do that. realising i was going to be late i increased my pace. i actually quite enjoyed the 4 and a bit kms there but i did end up being 5 mins late and got stared at coz my face was bright red. next time i think i'll give myself an extra 10mins.

Foodwise today i've had 970 cals so thats not too bad. hopefully i can keep it under 1200 everyday this week and start dropping some weight.

Anyhoo... i found my camera and so i will post a pic of me with me newest friend, Ducky.


  1. Wow you go back to uni early over there! All educational places here are still on break until the mid/end of September.

    Aww Ducky is cute!

  2. What a cute ducky! Haha bad luck about being late, i love walking!