Wednesday, September 28, 2011


hey guys. im still here. not sure exactly what kind of headspace though. ive been eating horribly. sometimes i wonder if it is worth the effort. but i just dont want to be fat anymore. i want the willpower and strength to not want. but its not just that i want to be perfect in every aspect of life. i want HD's at uni, i want to save money and get a nice house i want to travel and one day have a perfect family. but the world doesnt work like that. maybe i should just face the facts. embrace my average to low looks, brains and willpower. but yet i cant. its not me to accept this. im always in purgatory, half way here half way there with no sense of direction.

1 comment:

  1. You are beautiful both inside and out.
    Don't put yourself down.
    Please focus on making yourself happy and healthy because after all, aren't they the most important things?
    I really do hope you're well lovely.
    Love Anafly