Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Worst Sister Ever

Just stole my sister ferrero rocher's that i bought her for her birthday and ate them all. and im still hungry. Failness.
Im not having the best week physically or mentally. I just want to run away from myself.


  1. Don't feel bad :( I've been there. Twice.
    First time with my friends birthday present of Ferrero Rocher. The second time I went to stay with a different friend, my parents bought her parents a box of 48 of the little buggers. I ate every single one.

    Don't feel bad. It's happened, it's done now. It'll be okay. Take care xx

  2. Don't feel bad. I've done similar things too and it makes you feel horrid. But what Lissy said is true. It's over and done with now.

    I hope your week improves. xxx

  3. *Huggles*

    Shit, as they say, happens. It also passes.

    Hang in there, if you can. It will be someone else's turn in the barrel soon.


  4. im osrry hun that ur having a bad week