Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Australia Day

Im going to my friends house to celebrate being an Aussie. We are having a barbeque so i might have a lil meat and then just have salad. I had the biggest binge and purge day yesterday that ive had for months. I told myself that i could let myself do it then but today there is to be no binges at all and hopefully for the next couple of days too. Im wearing a loose fitting green top which i love coz it actually looks alright while covering my massive belly and my tuck shop lady arms. I want to lose a kg before my parents come back which is next tuesday so that is really doable if i can just get off my ass to exercise :
I hope everyone is doing good. Take care. Xo

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  1. Happy Australia Day!
    And many cheers for Xenophon! That is how you spell his name, right?
    I wish america had such a brave (or crazy?) Senator.