Friday, February 3, 2012


I am not a happy chappy. Im just feeling sad. I think my ex is seeing someone else, we only broke up a month ago. I miss him still. Or maybe i just miss feeling that little bit more secure. I feel lonely now. Him and i werent in love romantically but we had that comanionship kind of love. Like we were always hanging out and just enjoyed each others company. Now there is nothing. He is avoiding me. And im being a clingy sook.
So i deleted him off facebook. If he wants to ignore me then he shouldnt have any contact. I dont want this to be drawn out with the whole "lets be friends" bullshit that only prolongs the pain of us slowly drifting further appart. I have to move on.
Now there is mascara on my pillow and all i want to do is smoke a million bongs and pass out forever. But i cant. I have a date tomorrow. I know he just wants sex though. I dont even know why i agreed to this. Oh yeh coz i wanted a rebound. But i dont even want that anymore. I could go cold turkey on guys altogether. Be single and just push myself into work and study.
I handed out resumes today. Only one place was actually looking for workers so i really hope they give me a call. i just want to make some money and use up some of this time of which i have too much of.
Anyway im getting tired now and am blabbing on about nothing. Hope you kids are feeling better than me. Xo

Peri - Thanx for your comment. I would love some tea while i stalk you. Im sorry to hear that youre not happy at work. Eating can be a big comfort thing. I should know coz i do it a lot lol. Im sure you can get on top of it though. Just try eating a good amount of healthy food so you are full enough not to binge, that sometimes helps me. Take care. Xo


  1. i'm sorry things arent going so well :/ it's his loss! and good luck with getting a job :) xo.

  2. Me either! Maybe we can go see him together, as a Trans-Tasman TimTastic Adventure or something XD Wouldn't that make for epic blogging?

    I currently have Spicy Apple, Peppermint, Green, Gumboot and Central Otago Stone Fruit teas, or there's the Lucky Dip Tea Jar. Take your pick :)

    *Huggles* That is the sucky part of the post-breakup-still-friends bullshit. Lol, as soon as Mr.T's ex found out that he had a new girl she got drunk and slept with one of his flatmates on Mr.T's and another guy's bed, so you are NOWHERE NEAR as sooky as she is!

    So long as you and Mr Rebound are on the same page things should be ok. Be honest with yourself and you'll come through quicker. Ended relationships are like open wounds, they need time to heal before you go throwing your heart around again. Of course, you can still have fun in the meantime without it being anything serious (If you know what I mean)

    I'm crossing my fingers for your resume-handing-out session. Fucking NOWHERE ANYWHERE seems to be hiring apart from us, and all we're doing is waiting for students to transfer down. We don't need people in 4 weeks, we need them NAO!!!

    My problem seems to be that I avoid eating major meals, so I end up snacking a lot. It's nOt even junk food! It's all healthy stuff, but just too much of it. Gah, it shall be sorted out eventually. More protein would be a good thing, yes?

    Love you lots, doll. I hope you have a good weekend and the date doesn't treat you too shabbily.