Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have a job trial tomorrow :) the shirt im going to wear makes me look fat though (correction - highlights my fat parts that i have eaten on to myself, it cant make me look fat unless i actually am fat... which i am). I dont have anything else to wear coz all my other clothes are too casual. I really hope i get the job. I need money badly. Im thinking of buying diet pills. but i dont know if they will actually work. I am losing weight but its too slow. only like a pound a week. I want to wear clothes and actually look nice and not a lumpy fat mess.
Anywhoo i will update you on what happens tomorrow night. Xo

Peri - Spicy apple sounds delicious. Thanks for your super comment :) that shit was longer than some of my posts. It actually did make me feel better that someone was listening. And yes ive heard more protein in your diet actually curbs hunger and makes you eat less. I knew id get something good out of that doco on the atkins diet lol. Xo


  1. good luck tomorrow, i hope it goes well! xo.

  2. I crossed my fingers for your job trial!

    Uniforms suck BALLS. I hate the newest permutation of the Noms R Us uniform with a passion. It's designed to hilight big boobs and bloated pukus in the most unflattering manner possible.

    Diet pills are basically caffiene pills. They work well at first, but your body adapts to them so fast you soon end up needing megadoses to get any effect, and megadoses of caffeine are super bad for you. A pound a week seems slow to Ed empatience, but that is actually pretty damn good AND you can be sure that what you are losing is mostly fat and not precious, calorie-consuming muscle mass, or internal organ&bone density degradation. (I have told myself that SO MANY FUCKING TIMES to stop myself doing stupid things *Sigh*)

    Short sweet posts are better than my long-winded rambles :p

    I could post you some of the tea if you like :) It's Healtheries Brand so you bay be able to get it near you?

    The Atkins diet makes me laugh so hard. There are pros and cons to it, but overall it is just stupid. Ketosis from lack of carbs is all well and good in the short run, but as soon as you start eating carbs again your body restores it's natural fat deposits. I've watched the bodybuilders, and lack of carbs really impacts your mood. Before competition they're so tired and grumpy from lack of carbs (The brain runs on glucose, your body turns carbs into glucose) that they're no fun to train near. (And ketosis makes them smell funny)

    I hope you had a good weekend!