Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ahh Busy

Im sorry for the lack of posts lately. i am just sooo busy. Ive never been so responsible in my life. i dont know if i will be able to handle it. I get soo tired and working part time while studying fulltime and then trying to keep up with friends too is really wearing me out. i think im going to have to give up my social life.
on the weekend i had soo much fun, drank too much and may have taken a lil speed. but i was supposed to study and i didnt. now i am screwed because i have the next 5 days with non stop uni and work and no time to catch up.
its also hard restricting atm coz i feel like i need more food for energy. but if i let myseklf eat i will just get fat again. coffee intake is steadily increasing tho lol.
Anyways g2g. when i get time ill look at all your blogs and say hi. ciao kids.

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  1. Oh the fun of trying to balance school and a social life. I am right in the middle of it myself. Some weeks school wins out; sometimes friends win out. It's about finding the right balance--where you can keep decent grades but still have fun too.

    But it can be done.