Monday, March 12, 2012

A Comment For Peri... and Some Crap About My Weekend

ok so its pissing me off that blogger wont let me comment. i go to the effort of writing a genuine response, not just a few words and then it wont let me post. so i copy what ive done and refresh but still it wont work. but its ok coz ima post my comment here in a special post just for Peri. You cant silence me blogger! Anyway here it is...

haha blasted recorder... i remember having one of those. i would drive my mum nuts, but that was coz i really suck at music. the tatt sounds good as i wanna see what its gonna look like. dealing with our brains shit sucks a lot out of you. does it to me too. i think its good youre making goals though. take care. xoxo

And now to talk about me... everybodies favourite person (jokes obviously).
So i am disappointed in myself atm. last week i was doing so well, going to uni and work, not bingeing and eating "well" (weightloss type of well) in general. it was all ruined in one spontaneous decision to go out.
Turns out that i nearly drank my weight in alcohol, acted like a drunk twit, and then ate everything i could get my hands on. then i had a hangover and missed uni today.
This basically proves to me that i have no self discipline and am destined to be fat and stupid.
So i am now banning myself from going out (unless its a birthday which i am obligated to go). I can not be trusted to not go overboard so im taking the option away. I need to focus on uni and not destroying my liver anymore than it already is.
Tomorrow i am studying all day. i need to catch up and get ahead and get some good marks.
My tummy hurts so im off to pop some antacids and go to bed. goodnight. xo


  1. There will be pics! And whining and moaning about the itching XD

    I'm all blushy and squirmy, you dedicated half a post to me? You're too awesome!!

    Alcohol breaks down barriers and erodes self-control and makes ANYONE into a total git. Booze is bad for discipline :p

    I hope you had a good sleep and the homework is going well. Take care, ok?


  2. P.S.
    My Mum was such a bitch, she told me to never practise where anyone (Namely HER) could hear me. I now have a total terror of performing or doing ANYTHING where people can hear me. So years of vocal training and poi practise are totally useless -.- Stupid bitch!

    There are so going to be tons of tattoo pics when I finally get them done. Ugh, I want more money but I don't want to have to go to work. Story of life, no?

    Take care, love you heaps!