Friday, March 30, 2012

On a Good Day

"A little bit lost and a little bit lonely
A little bit cold here a little bit of fear
But i hold on and i feel strong and i know that i can
Getting used to it, lit the fuse to it
Like to know who i am"
Above an Beyond - On a Good Day
That is some lyrics of one of my favourite songs. It relates to how i feel today which i think is good. i think i just needed some time out to rest and regain some sanity. I almost cracked it at work when i found out that they had cut out my friday shift altogether. But it kind of turned out to be a good thing. So today i went to the movies with a friend. We saw The Lorax because i love that story from my childhood. Dr. Seuss for the win. The movie was actually quite good. they could have quoted the book a bit more though. i ate candy and popcorn and purged after the movie. i dont think i got it all out but its too late now. ive taken 5 laxetives but im not sure if they will do anything coz the packet didnt have a recommended dose. its been like over a year since ive taken them. its wierd because i feel really good today yet for some reason i had the urge to take them, to feel empty. and i dont feel bad or conflicted about taking them either.
But yeh back to what i was actually saying, that song means a lot to me coz its like getting through all of life's crap, pushing through, and then having a good moment to realise how far you have come :)

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  1. Those are beautiful lyrics. I think i'm going to look up that band. I've never heard of them before.

    I think it's great you took a day and just went to a movie. It's important to take time to ourselves to just let ourselves relax.